Iyoko Inyake – An extremely high quality, innovative collection made in Japan and designed in Belgium, made from rhodium and titanium with 3.5 microns of gold coating.  This special coating, which is unique in the optical industry, allows for the vibrant colors you will see in this collection and facilitates the adhering process.  Rhodium is just as light as titanium, nickel free and hypo allergenic.

Plastics are of the highest quality and design sourcing the Mazzuccelli factory in Italy for its unique color combinations.  Many of the models use metal decoration and/or unique hinges.

Iyoko Inyake has become known for its inventive and trendsetting designs worldwide.


Kame ManNen – 
This is a mostly titanium, very high quality collection from Japan with a trtro and vintage feel.  Kame ManNen in Japanese means “tortoise that lives 10,000 years” meaning the collection is a timeless one.  It has many round shapes which the market right now is craving for.  Many of the temples have the appearance of horn but they are zyl which is very optician friendly for heating and shaping.  There are zyl models as well, with 60’s inspired shapes and colors with a modern twist.  Each frame comes with a beautiful brown leather case.


Lotho – 
Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Paris, the collection was inspired by Coco’s round frame.  The collection was born out of the idea that each frame should be a true compliment to a style with each frame being handmade in Japan of the highest quality.  A strong emphasis on design, reinventing classic yet modern shapes combined with materials and colors that redefine each model and allow the wearer to fit his/her personality.  Available in optical and sun wear.


‘EM Eyewear 
– Made and designed in Italy by a real family.  Dad is an optician and the sons and daughter are talented designers and are in optical sales.  We love this collection and the people who stand behind it!  An exciting fashion forward zyl collection with amazing coloring and distinct eye shapes.  Just right for our boutique customer with “attitude.”


 – From Australia, this bold collection of Sunglasses and Optical has been seen in all of the top design magazines around the world including Vogue, Elle & Marie Claire.  The collection is inspired by the contemporary architecture of Europe and translates as striking and playful as well as functional and intelligent eyewear.  The metals are of Japanese stainless steel construction and the plastics are Italian acetate and unique in color combinations and shapes.


Dada e 
– The most unique collection from the Lastes Group founded in 1968.  The collection is done through a special production process.  The frames are completely made in Italy combining the technological innovation and handmade accuracy thanks to the work of the best Italian craftsman in the eyewear field.  Each frame is hand polished in order to ensure a unique brightness.  This high end unisex acetate optical collection is quite exceptional in its use of color combinations.  A must see and must have!


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